This semester, the University of Applied Sciences Europe invites you to an extraordinary exhibition: Within the scope of the virtual university – the "UE Campus in the Cloud" – the work of our Bachelor and Master graduates can be enjoyed virtually.
OPEN MIND is the first virtual exhibition of the final thesis of the Faculty Art & Design, and it becomes a reality on August 7th, 2020 here at



Open Mind

Friday, 07/08/2020

Interactive Live Vernissage: 5 p.m.

Virtual Live Party: 10 p.m.


Aysel Abdullayeva, Oumou Nassri Aidara, Robin Aldag, Valeria Aleksic La Cruz, Ahmed Alian, Emre Aydogan, Matthias Bachmann, Aija Bane, Jan Baumeister, Moritz Daniel Becker, Saskia Behnk, Selina Beinlich, Leith Ben Abdessalem, Fabian Beneking, Annabel Bengsch, Alexandra Beutz, Isa Berges, Haribabu Boyini, Olivia Burdyk, Maike Bürger, Qiao Cai, Chi Ching Chan, Juncheng Chen, Laura Clausen, Adrian Colmenares Richle, Ronja Daniel, Alicia Dau, Sondos Dahrog, Dario De Grandi, Carlo di Paolo, Kelly Diepenbrock, Sophie Dinkelacker, David Dudler, Anukriti Dwivedi, Esra Eylem Erdugan, Lisa Fascina, Maximilian Fischer, Xenja Fischer, David Fleck, Camilo Andres Garzon Donoso, Maximilian Glas, Bahar Gözmener, Jérôme Graff, Josef Grassl, Emily Grundon, Yang Gu, Nadin Heinke, Frédéric Hans Bernhard Henry, Ailin Herzkovich, Philipp Hiemer, Phuong Hoang, Laurin Holz, Paulina Hoyo Vazquez, Dennis Josek, Dana Karpovsky, Jennifer Kassoke, Jianhua Lao, Lia Laukant, Kevin Lausen, Wantzu Lee, Yuanjie Li, Xintao Lin, Carolin Meyering, Raviraj Minawala, Yuvraj Minawala, Jonina Müller, Donald Nezungai, Saad Minhas, Bezawit Gerawork Moges, Duc Thinh Ngo, Tran Dieu Anh Nguyenova, Camila Ocampo-Selbach, Johannes Ohm, Ankita Pandey, Amando Pascotto, Anna Permesang, Philip Pfeiffer, Katharina Pilchowski, Chantal Pinzi, Larissa Pillatzke, Jonna Prüssing, Marcel Reinach, Paula Reinhardt, Xuxian Ren, Anika Richter, Elena Rix, Jana Rothe, Leonor Maria Ruela Boavida, Lilli Schakinnis, Bianka Schumann, Leonie Stelzner, Maurice Steinke, Daniel Stoerbrauck, Jana Stoerbrauck, Elizaveta Tereshchenko, Lino Thaesler, Gina Tilgert, Michelle Trojan, Elizabeth Tsevi-Unterdörfer, Yuan Wang, Moran Wetzig, Katharina Win Gyi, Cecilia Zink


Over the past several months, all of us – students, staff and teachers – have expanded our skills in improvising, rescheduling, failing and adapting, restructuring, developing, creating, shaping and interacting. We have learned to think outside the box, as well as opened ourselves to new perspectives. Since our graduation exhibition cannot take place on campus as usual, the Faculty Art & Design has coordinated all efforts to bring a new Digital Publishing Platform to life and present the final work of more than 100 graduates virtually – in keeping with the motto OPEN MIND. Through this virtual forum the theses from the study programmes Film + Motion Design (B.A.), Photography (B.A.), Illustration (B.A.), Game Design (B.A.), Communication Design (B.A.), Photography (M.A.), Media Spaces (M.A.), Visual & Experience Design (M.A.), and Innovation Design Management (M.A.) will be shown. The exhibition opening and party will take place live and interactively on the platform.
In addition, the Alma-del-Banco-Prize will be awarded for the third time to the most remarkable final project on the Hamburg campus. The prize is donated by the FORUM FÜR KÜNSTLERNACHLÄSSE, which is dedicated to the promotion of art, the care and preservation of cultural values, and the support of artists in Hamburg and Northern Germany.
The renowned jury members are Christian Doering, Paz Ponce and Thomas Sello.
The Digital Publishing Platform also provided financial support to nine students for their participation in the creation of the virtual platform, thus providing job opportunities despite the current situation. We are excited that the BA/MA EXHIBITION will take place in virtual spaces, and we invite you to interact and enjoy the show.
We are happy that the VIRTUAL BA/MA EXHIBITION will take place in virtual rooms and invite you to interact and to enjoy the show.


With the Digital Publishing Platform, an innovative, cross-location, and technically sophisticated archive called ARCHIVUE will be created, in which all final projects of students of the Faculty Art & Design will be collected and presented on a long-term basis. The works will be made accessible to the public with filter functions and will be preserved for the future in a sustainable way.


Design & Structure: 
Evelyn Solinski
Technical Implementation: 
Steffen Klaue,
Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp
Text Editing: Thorsten Geyer, Dr. Valerie Riepe, Laureen Mahler
Project Management: 
Rana Öztürk


Amit Heyman
Miguel Ribeiro Da Saude


Dennis Josek

Sunil Machetti
Rob Rothenpieler

Data collection, image processing, text editing

Tessa Bähnke

Sophia Kühle
Khira Niemeier

Luisa Wilhelmsen

Key image

Niclas Robering

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