Collect—move—discover—view—open—notice—come into a dialogue—be part of—interact—connect worlds—the University of Europe for Applied Sciences invites friends, family, relatives and colleagues of the Art and DesignFaculty to a virtual exhibition and a live vernissage on the 20th August 2021 at 6p.m. On the following site,, around 60 Master projects from the summer semester will be presented of the Faculty of Art & Design.

After years of intensive study together, the graduates are treading new paths inlife that have not been trodden before. Thus, in the summer of 2021, the virtual exhibition platform visualises this transformation of life paths from studying to work, or to the start of academic careers, or to amazing excursions – the exhibition connects these different paths. The last year has been extraordinary and has marked a new sense of togetherness. With the experiences gained and valuable encounters along unexpected forms of communication, the students have arrived in the now. With the passion to create and the trust in the self and an idea of community, the exhibition—with the motto CONNECTING WORLDS—looks into an extremely promising future through multilayered works that artistically illuminate social, political andvery personal themes.



Connecting Worlds

Friday, 20/08/2021

Ceremonies: 6 p.m.

Live Vernissage: 7 p.m.


Rott Fabian, Krehel Jakub, Netzband Chelsea, Szulinska Ludmila, Seker Mertcan, Cardel Luis, Rodriguez Leal Santiago, Cadena Montes De Oca Estefania, Hjörleifsdóttir Svala, Sahyouni Joe, Thellappilly Skariah Sony, Scolieri Francesco, Alatassi Zina, Pandey Rekesh Raj, Okday Yasemin, Selvanarul Sanjana, Asmar Henri, Villa Francesca, Kim Inwha, Yang Jeeboo, Patnaik Pallavi, Mota Albuquerque Julia, Abdulhameed Maryam Mustafa, Lathiya Akshay, Siddiqui Shahrukh, Liu Fangning, Pozzoli Chiara, Xu Yaxin, Sen Pallavi, Tabassum Kassim, Erkan Emre, Yadav Satyaki, Leelayouthyotin Sarisa, Akiki Elias, Tawk Michael, Montingelli Alessandro, Al Zoghbi Pierre, Postolnyk Polina, Emenike Chukwuebuka, Gatica Riofrio Maria Jose, Petchgamnerd Arunphan, Cook Anna Marie, Lopez de la Cruz Karen, Yezhyzhanska Anastasiia, Pulatova Shodiyakhon, Kalra Sanjana, Schwartz Elliott, Shakil Tabish, Jabareen Michael, Schuch Silva Natalie, Tsuzuki Sawako, Raykar Darshana, Baftiroska Erina, El Attrash Khaldoun, Sayli Ipek, Leppänen Aino Emilia, Valenta Michael, Mctavish Celina Hanae, Ioannidou Eleni, Starman Dijana, Goh Delicia Yue Qi, Krnacova Marie, YANG Yifan, Revur Sreeja, Shaikh Razia, Garcia Munoz Sebastian


Since the Rundgänge cannot take place physically at the campuses as usual, the Faculty of Art & Design has joined forces and launched the Digital Publishing Platform in summer 2020 to present the final year projects.

In this special graduation year, a group of UE students and alumni have now joined the research project for the third time under the direction of the artistic-scientific staff members Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue as well as Prof. Dr.Lauritz Lipp and the project manager Rana Öztürk. Together with students Amit Heyman, Jacqueline Shanice Ludwig and Pia Roespel and UE alumni Dennis Josek and Alexander Morosow, an innovative platform was further developed that explores the ways of digital publishing. The virtual exhibition CONNECTING WORLDS became the motto for a project implemented at atime when space as well as movements within it were being rethought. The sustainable design of visualising a sense of togetherness through exhibitions, publications as well as dialogue and making projects readable will be re-examined.

Master’s projects from the degree programmes Innovation Design Management M.A.,Visual & Experience Design M.A., Media Spaces M.A. will be shown.

The exhibition opening will be live and interactive in Zoom for family, friends and university members. A live stream will be accessible to the public from all over the world at

We are pleased that the MA EXHIBITION will take place in virtual spaces and cordially invite you to interact and view.


With the continuing platform ArchivUE,an innovative, cross-location and technically sophisticated archive has been created in which all the final projects of the students of the Faculty ofArt & Design are collected and presented in the long term. In addition to an exhibition architecture dedicated to the topic, the platform will be expanded in the future to include an AI-supported and intelligent search function.

The expansion of the collection from previous semesters, as well as student works that have emerged from work with renowned cooperation partners and special works that have won national or international awards, is planned for 2021.

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