Die Bäume

»Die Bäume« is meant as a multidimensional book that offers the viewer a glimpse of the essence of trees. The selected and collaged images remind the viewer of the beauty of nature itself. The artist's book visually illustrates a poem by Rose Ausländer. Combining several different elements of communication design, the pages are crafted with a mix of curated and altered images, illustrations, and typography. The printing technique used originates from the innovative process developed by the Japanese company Riso. The Risograph gives a distinctive look and uses soy-based ink. The colors teal and pink give contrast and break open the topic of nature. The Japanese Stab Binding was created using teal thread to match the ink. The book is meant as a love letter to trees themself.

Katharina Dietrich

Katharina Sophia Dietrich was born and raised in Berlin Wilmersdorf. She spent several years of her early adulthood in the UK. After absolving two design internships in Tokyo and Hong Kong she came back to her hometown to study Communication Design. Her attraction to art was formed in her childhood and followed her through her life. Her Bachelor thesis delved deeply into the analysis of picture books, sparking inspiration for a dedicated book centered around trees. Nature over the years was her main source of inspiration. Her work as a designer was impacted by a Berlin-based music collective where she had the opportunity to work as their in-house designer from 2019 and since has shaped their visual identity, designing vinyl, flyers, and merch. She aspires to further shape her craft as a Communication Designer and work on freelance projects. Looking ahead, she envisions the possibility of pursuing a Master's in Art Therapy, aspiring to share the healing influence of art with others.

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